Martin Massenbach has since the opening of his first gallery, Gallerie Rye (2002-2005), been surrounded by a hype due to his art. Gallerie Rye quickly became known on the Danish art scene and in the Danish press when his work was shown at a New-Yorker gallery, an exhibiting centered around a famous artist and an up coming artist.

Today, Martin Massenbach is one of the leading artists on the Danish art scene. In 2008, he was featured in Scan Magazine as “Young Danish artist on his way to the top” (issue 3, 2008). Martin Massenbach entered the international platform with an exhibition, celebrating the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union hosted in Ispra in 2012. In Maj 2017, the artist designed the Feedback Award statute which was given to the Danish entrepreneur Ole Henriksen, who is recognized and known for his quality skin products which are popular in Hollywood.

As an artist, Martin Massenbach has demonstrated an ability to combine artistic materials, antique handcraft methods and a knowledge of history to create strong modern art pieces with a touch of history. His work is made in Studio Massenbach. The artist’s historic and fable-like approach in his art may be inspired by an interest from his childhood and upbringing.

Fables have always been a part of his artistic work; however, fables became a bigger part of this work while he lived in the castle Harridslevgaard, 2009-2015. His art was exhibited from 2009-2015 at Harridslevgaard Castle, Gallerie Royal and from 2005-2017 in Gallery 44, Bogense, a smaller manor house. It has therefore been natural for the artists to be sensible about the aesthetic and mix of styles, products and methods to create his work.