The Feedback Award 2017:
Martin Massenbach was asked by the company Bartel & Co. to design the Feedback Award Prize. The company wanted something unique, something different. The Feedback Award aims to celebrate people who use their skills, talents and name to promote positive relations in business, culture and society.
The Feedback Award was founded in 2017.

Art Associations, 2005-2017:
The artist’s work is exhibited in several art associations. One of them includes, the art association Carl Nielsen anno 1977 in the music hall of Carl Nielsen. Martin Massenbach presented his art in the music hall of Carl Nielsen for the celebration of the famous Danish composer Carl Nielsen’s 150 years birthday. The artist created an exhibition inspired by Carl Nielsen’s work: music to plays written by Adam Oehlenschläger, Hans Hartvig Seedorff, and Carl Nielsen’s symphonies, Symphony 1.

The Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, 2012:
The artist was appointed to make an exhibition in occasion of the Danish Presidency of the Council of the European Union during the Danish Semester in Ispra in 2012. The exhibition was part of celebrating Danish culture, design, trade and art.

Gallerie Royal, Harritslevgaard Castle, 2009-2015:
In 2009-2015, Martin Massenbach occupied Harritslevgaard with Gallerie Royal and Studio Massenbach while he lived in the castle. The gallery was open to the public and known to give a museum-like experience, where the visitors could see the art in a renascence castle from 1200’s. The art is exhibited in Denmark’s largest great hall, at Harritslevgaard Castle. Gallerie Royal was designed by the owner, Sheela Charlotte Fransen today S. Massenbach, created to present the art in its inspiration cap of history.

Scan Magazine, 2008, issue 3:
In 2008, at the age of 28, the artist was featured in the magazine, Scan Magazine. Scan Magazine issued an article on the artists specific style in his paintings which is described to be:” Figurative abstract using bold colours. The style is unique and the themes are often very imaginative”. The magazine presents Nordic talents from all around Europe.

Juried Exhibition, Banegaarden Aabenraa, 2007:
The artist won the exhibition, Banegaarden Aabenraa, 2007, in the professional exhibition category, even though he was signed up under the autodidact section.

Gallery 44, Bogense, 2005-2017:
The artist has made single exhibitions every year in Gallery 44, Bogense, an old manor house. The old manor house suited the artists painting style and his art in stark of old techniques, fables and symbols in a modern style to the older setting of a manor from 1420. This gave it a distinctive experience. The owner, Torben Juul is a known writer, antiques dealer and a historian.

Gallerie Rye, 2002-2005:
As a young man and un-experienced on the art scene, Martin Massenbach opened his first gallery, Gallerie Rye, with a remarkable hype around his art and gallery as a modern New-Yorker gallery in his own home. His home essentially became his gallery. The idea behind the gallery was to exhibit a famous artist and an upcoming artist. Besides this combination of exhibitions, the artists styled his home in a New-York modern style, which quickly became an interior fashion trend featured in living style sections of the press.



Martin Massenbach is very engaged in his community. For that reason, the artist auctions out his art to charity organisations. The benefits from selling the art goes to different programs such as:

  • The Danish Cancer Society 2012-2017
  • Børne Cancer Fonden ( 2012-2017
  • Hjemløses Jul (Christmas for homeless) 2014-2016
  • H. C. Andersens Børnehospital (Hans Christian Andersen’s Children Hospital) 2016
  • Julemærkehjem (Home for children to gain positive experiences) 2017